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Welcome to my site.   Let me tell you some stuff.

I was an educator before I decided to take on the artist life and carve out my place in the theater and film industry.  I acted as a child growing up in Chicago, working at theaters like the Goodman and Chicago Shakespeare theater, but put that part of my life on hold when I studied economics at the University of Michigan and moved NY to work as a school administrator, focused on operations in Brooklyn.   After 4.5 years in education, I decided to place my artistic career in the forefront.

Now, I write, act, puppeteer and direct in theater and film.  Wired as an “operations guy” I apply my resourcefulness, project management skills and discipline to my creative undertakings. Sometimes that means bringing full emotional life to Romeo’s cousin and greatest confidant, Benvolio, and other times that means creating an entire puppet web series sans crew from the safety of my apartment during a pandemic.  At present, my primary focus and energy go toward developing my superhero parody play for an off-broadway run, after a series of successful workshop productions in the fall of 2019.  I self-produce sketches and shorts on my own and with the support of my film and theater company, The Greenhouse Ensemble.  Greenhouse is dedicated to providing opportunities to diverse voices and independent artists in New York City.  

I’m a UCB trained improviser and hosted my own monthly improv show at the PIT Loft pre-Covid.  I studied acting at HB Studio and at the Barrow group and currently seeking representation.  I love meeting other artists of any discipline, talking about movies, exploring the city and not getting too worked up about Chicago deep dish pizza haters.  I’m always looking for new collaborators, feel free to reach out and invite me to read your new draft, watch some footage or pitch me a challenging genre for me to take on with my puppets.

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-The New York Times

About/Resume: Bio
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