Hi there!  Welcome to my site.  

I'm Joey, a New York based actor, improviser and writer.  I'm a Chicago native and deep dish pizza enthusiast.  But like, I don't get super defensive about it.  It's fine if you prefer NY style.  It really is.  Fine, I'll drop it. 

I'm a member of the Greenhouse Ensemble Art and Theater Company and improv team "Y Tho?"  We hosted a recurring improv show at the PIT Loft called Wheel of Prov' before the apocalypse and everything.

I wrote a superhero parody play called "Soup or Heroes" which did a run in fall of 2019, and will be back post-pandemic stronger than ever.  Its vibe is like "Shaun of the Dead" meets "Drunk History" but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  You'll get it. 



-The New York Times




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